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Investment Funds

Our team is experienced in managing different types of funds:

Long/Short Equity Fund, Fixed Income Fund, Fund of Hedge Funds and Multi-Strategy Fund. Such professional experience is essential to making successful investments and weathering storms from market instability.

Discretionary Accounts

Over the years, we have gained the trust of Ultra High Net Worth families in Asia and received investment mandates upward of 200 million.


Alignment of Interests
Alignment of client interests is of the utmost importance to JW Capital. We do not sacrifice our clients’ long-term interests for any short-term gains. JW Capital succeeds only when our clients’ interests are secured.

Tailor-Made Portfolio
Every client will have a unique portfolio mix in accordance with their investment objectives and risk appetites. 

Flexibility and Dynamic Approach 
Clients are welcomed to call up our investment team at any time to discuss their portfolios and investment themes in order to understand the rationale behind each and every investment. Our close relations and dynamic interaction with clients enable us to fine-tune investment strategies promptly even in today’s ever-evolving investment landscape. 

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